Oh, hello.

I suppose some kind of web presence is overdue for my ‘mastering studio’, so here it is.

Rock Among Us kinda got started when my BFF Alex Thurston and I started recording our own shitty Misfits cover band in his Mom’s sewing room when we were 14 years old. Since then I’ve just used the name for all of my/our musical endeavours. Ya, it’s not the coolest name on Earth. I’m well aware. But it’s special to me, so BACK OFF!

I’m in a few bands you may or may not know, I work full time as an audio recording engineer, part time as a mastering engineer, graphic designer, record reviewer/magazine columnist, husband and Dad. I’ve got a degree in Musicology with elements of Sonic Design.

Rock Among Us: Give me a bit of money and I’ll master your record. You can email me at dave@rockamongus.com for rates, turnaround time, a nice chat, whatev.