Eight Floors Above Audio Mastering Co. is an Ottawa, Canada based company owned & operated by myself, Dave Williams.

I have been mastering records since 2008, for both digital and vinyl reproduction (previously under the name Rock Among Us Mastering, a carry-over from a recording project in my youth).

I obtained a degree in Music/Musicology with elements of Sonic Design from Carleton University here in Ottawa;  worked for many years as an audio engineer for T-Base Communications, producing audio textbooks for visually impaired students;  and play/have played in a handful of international touring bands:  Crusades (No Idea Records), The Steve Adamyk Band (Dirtnap Records), Sedatives (Deranged Records), among others.  I am also a husband, father, and a contributor to Razorcake Magazine.

As an engineer who specializes in independent music production, it is of great importance that I offer very reasonable rates and quick turnaround times, and you can get in touch at dave@eightfloorsabove.com for a quote or a chat.

Below is a relatively-complete gallery of the records I’ve worked on, including such reputable goofballs as Martha, Iron Chic, Radon, Mean Jeans, Underground Railroad to Candyland, Radioactivity, Tranzmitors, and tons of others.  Some regular label clients include Dirtnap Records, Fortuna POP!, It’s Alive, Dirt Cult, etc.

I’ve also uploaded a selection of these songs to Bandcamp.
Head over HERE to have a listen.


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