Eight Floors Above Audio Mastering Co. is an Ottawa, Canada based company owned & operated by yours truly, Dave Williams.

I have been mastering records since 2008, for both digital and vinyl reproduction. I obtained a degree in Music/Musicology with elements of Sonic Design from Carleton University here in Ottawa;  worked for many years as an audio engineer for T-Base Communications, producing audio textbooks for visually impaired students;  and play/have played in a handful of international touring bands:  Crusades (No Idea Records), Black Tower (Unspeakable Axe/Dark Descent Records), The Steve Adamyk Band (Dirtnap Records), Sedatives (Deranged Records), among others.  I am also a husband, father, and a contributor to No Echo Webzine.

As an engineer who specializes in independent music production, it is of great importance that I offer very reasonable rates and quick turnaround times, and you can get in touch at dave@eightfloorsabove.com for a quote or a chat.

Below is a smattering of the records I’ve worked on, including releases from Martha, Iron Chic, Radioactivity, Off With Their Heads, Radon, Mean Jeans, Tranzmitors, and plenty of others.


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